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Welcome to Art-drenaline at the Farm, dinners at the Fresh Food Factory Farm and Food Hub, Anacostia's original farm dinner benefit series. Renewing and promoting a shared connection to local farming, seasonal cooking and great eating.


Greetings! Dining right in the fields of a farm is one of the best ways to savor the fresh, juicy flavors of summer. Dining in the fields of an urban farm is one of the best ways to savor community. At each of our dinners we will serve delicious multi-course feasts of food grown right in the fields of our gracious host farm The Fresh Food Factory Farm and Food Hub, in SE Washington, DC. Our dinners will offer a memorable dining experience where guests savor course after course of foods just-from-the-earth and pods, cooked fresh that day. Together we break bread and raise a glass with the small urban farmers, the community , and others who make up the District of Columbia's vibrant urban agricultural community. And, as with every dinner, our dinners are benefits.  We donate proceeds towards the critical work of our beneficiaries The Fresh Food Factory and Unifi Inc, Bread For The City, The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative. 


In 2016, Amanda Stephenson and Chef Shawn Lightfoot created Art-drenaline at the Farm, a series of benefit dinners celebrating DC's local farms, food and community as a way to generate awareness of the importance and vitality of our local farming community and the delicious, wholesome and abundant food it provides us. Recreating a sense of connection to farming, cooking and eating is what Art-drenaline at the Farm is all about.


Each of the dinners highlights the richness of our local traditions of farming and the often forgotten value of eating fresh, vibrant food that was just harvested by a dedicated farmer you know and trust. The multi-course feasts are cooked fresh that day.

Dinners at the Farm also strengthens our community by helping to raise funds for local agricultural and humanitarian non-profit organizations. Over the next three years, Art-drenaline at the Farm will feed 100s of guests. In addition, our project will generate extensive local and national media coverage in their support of local agriculture. All combined, Art-drenaline at the Farm will make a significant contribution to celebrating and promoting DC Locally Grown products. 

Working together we have created an event that helps support our farms, farmers and community. We hope you will join us.


Farms and Beneficiaries?????

Unifi Inc

Virginia State University

Bread For The City

Redbrick Developers LMD


What to expect

Each evening begins at 6:00pm, dinner served at 7:00pm. Tickets are per person and are $??? (Fridays and Saturdays). Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an orchard fruit cocktail and passed hors d’oeuvre and then proceed onto a lively tour of the farm with our warm and engaging farm hosts. Following the tour, guests are seated beneath a tent at long candle-lit tables with white porcelain settings where they will savor course after course of freshly cooked food with ingredients just picked from the fields and pods outside the tent. Guests will break bread and raise a glass with the farmers, fishermen, and others who make up DC's vibrant agricultural community.


Sample Menus


Our menus are spontaneous, created that day and based on what’s available at the farm. So, to give you an idea of the types of food we like to cook view the photos of menus shown here. Each menu is different every night.


Guest Chefs and Restaurants????


Our dinners often feature the farmers who grow or raise this food and the Chefs who will prepare them.  Each meal has a theme and featured guest farmer, allowing our guests to experience peak season freshness and conversations with the farmer/food artisan who contributed to our table.  Not only do you get a tour of our farm with the dinner, but you also get to learn about the guest farmer’s practices and their passion for local food. We have a wine and beer list that are available for purchase at the events.

The Basic Flow:  The typical dinner season starts in May and ends in October. We dine outside when the weather is good.


Sign up to our emails and “like” us on Facebook and be among the first to know when tickets go on sale. The 2016 season will be our 1st! So join us! We look forward to seeing you down on the farm.

We're always on the look out for new and interesting opportunities for Art-drenaline at the Farm. If you're a chef or restaurant and would like to host a Supper at the farm, please contact us.


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